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Don’t Get Grayed-Out

Brands struggle to combat 3rd-party merchants who sell gray market goods. Why? Because the sellers aren’t always acting illegally and marketplaces are slow to enforce their own policies.Still, the unsanctioned distribution of these products:

  • negatively affects consumer perception of true pricing

  • Provides no protection of the brand promise to consumers

  • damages relationships between the misrepresented brands and their partners

  • Puts brand reputation at risk

Gray Falkon has the answer.


Brand Shield

Brand Shield rapidly reduces the number of illegitimate product listings on the most popular online marketplaces. What do we mean when we say rapid? Most customers see at least a 50% reduction in unsanctioned listings within two weeks.

Gray Falkon is the only company that doesn’t rely on Amazon taking action in order to make a significant impact.

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Brand Align

Visual merchandising on the Amazon marketplace requires constant vigilance and expert action against bad actors who generate their own ASINs, inappropriately piggyback listings, appropriate content that interferes with brand integrity. We’ve extensively mapped Amazon policy violation reporting structures within and without Brand Registry. We help brands protect their significant investment in online merchandising.

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Channel Guard

We apply our methodology to reveal the deeply entrenched sellers, the chronic bad actors, the most suspicious dealers of gray and perhaps black market goods. We uncover otherwise impossible-to-get insights which our clients may use to shore up weaknesses in supply chains.
Our protection at this level includes test buys, pristine documentation, and other techniques to support our clients’ investigator teams and legal resources.

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